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We pride ourselves in the provision of a professional, innovative, independent, and efficient employee benefit service in the following spheres:

  • Conversion of occupational group pension funds from insurance company underwritten to self-administration status.
  • Holistic review of Fund benefits, contribution levels and Fund costs to take account of the USD environment and ensure that such contributions, and costs are not only sustainable but also do not endanger the recovery of the sponsoring employer hence; securing pension promises made.
  • Revisiting the totality of the social security benefits offered by the employer to avoid expensive duplication/wastage of the USD cost and generally align these to the USD environment and the economic realities facing employers.
  • Reviewing the investment management strategy for Pension Funds, based on Actuarial asset/liability profiles determined by our Actuarial subsidiary firm, Atchison Actuarial Services Company (Private) Limited, with the aim of:Conversion of funds from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution status.
    • Securing returns that are not only higher than the inflation rate but create platforms for recovery of assets that were decimated by the hyperinflationary era;
    • Ensuring a well diversified investment strategy amongst various asset classes thus minimising concentration risk in a specific investment or asset class in line with best practice;
    • Structuring performance benchmarks that ensure ‘asset sweat’ and sustained recovery of the Fund.
  • Adhering to the best governance standards in the management of the Pension Funds.

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