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Preservation Fund

Comarton Consultants Preservation Fund

Looking for a good individual retirement scheme??

  • Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME’s) as well as the self-employed business sector constitute a significant proportion of economic activity in Zimbabwe, the majority of which have no formal retirement provision.
  • Actuarial advice indicates that anyone above the age of 45 should be looking for some form of alternative private pension plan to augment his/her employee sponsored retirement scheme.
  • The Comarton Consultants Preservation Fund provides realistic pension coverage to this sector as well as other individuals seeking to augment their employer sponsored scheme through the following:
    • An individual, who was a member of a previous registered Pension Fund can preserve and grow his/her retirement savings by transferring his accumulated benefits into the Fund in a tax efficient manner.
    • Individuals have the option to pay regular contributions, in their personal capacity into the Fund for retirement.
    • Through this Fund, self – employed people have access to a registered and approved retirement plan under which they can save for retirement and enjoy the full tax and other benefits that come with such Fund.
  • The Fund allows individuals from diverse backgrounds, occupational pursuits in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora to save for retirement in a tax efficient manner, augment their employer’s retirement scheme and also allows members to provide financial protection for their dependants through an optional life cover benefit. Contact usto get more information on our Preservation Fund


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